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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Scooter love - THANK YOU and some answers
From: nathan at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Sat Mar 29 00:24:41 2008
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The response from these 4 lists to the scooter photo has been  
absolutely overwhelming. While I usually thank each person who  
comments on my work individually, there are just too many of you this  
time :-) I really appreciate the kind words.

Some people have asked questions, so let me answer them collectively.

The street was a rather narrow street near the beach. I parked my car  
to pick up the pizza. As I was parking, I saw this couple across the  
street and decided that I needed a picture of them. Obviously in this  
kind of situation you don't ask, you just do it discreetly and  
quickly. I took the camera (Oly E3) out of its bag. It was already  
set for ISO 1000 from earlier in the evening, and also had the right  
lens mounted, the 25mm 1.4 PanaLeica. I snapped two pictures without  
even raising the camera to my eye, and then went inside the pizza  
place. There were a lot of other teenagers and young people hanging  
around, and I did not want someone to alert the couple of the scooter  
that there was some guy taking pictures of them, although I do not  
believe it would have been a big problem.

The high ISO and the lens at f1.4 allowed a good shutter speed,  
something like 1/160 I think (it is all in the exif), and so the  
image is reasonably sharp. What I posted is quite heavily cropped,  
perhaps 1/3 of the frame.

What appears to be the guy's exposed skin is in fact his undershirt  
or underwear, so we are not talking about a crescent moon or  
buttcrack here. Incidentally, I do have an amusing buttcrack from the  
beach from last Monday, and that picture will most likely feature in  
my PAW for this week.

This kind of opportunistic image is why I always carry a camera. When  
I walk the dog, I just take the camera around my neck. When I drive  
to work, I have the camera bag in the bag seat. We have an  
underground car park at our office, so it is safe to leave it there  
all day. When we take bicycle rides along the beach, I have the E3  
around my neck as well. My motorcycle has a Givi topcase big enough  
to carry the camera bag. And so on. The best camera is the one you  
have with you at any given moment :-)

Once again, many thanks to everyone for looking and for the compliments.


On 28-mrt-2008, at 7:21, Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> I always preach that one should have a camera around at all times.  
> Last night I was picking up a pizza and happened upon this scene:
> That's why :-)
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