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Subject: [Leica] Equipment Does Matter
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Mar 22 21:14:40 2008

> Well, when I turned 35, needed glasses, I thought it was all over with
> MF..... so I dumped all me Canon stuff for Nikon AF.  In this case, an 
> 8008s
> Then I noted that I could focus the lenses better than the camera 
> could.....
> and faster..... so I did not use AF very much.....
> Now I use my F4 and all MF lenses, and my Leica M^ and my newly acquired 
> old
> technology Nikon D1, and I can still focus better than any AF lens + Nikon 
> I
> own.....
> I like MF lenses..... and as long as I can focus them, I will continue to
> use them.
> Of course, if I was doing pro work, and PJ especially, I would own AF
> only...  But I am not.  And buying into all the AF stuff now would break 
> the
> bank.....
> Ahhhh, the glory of being an amateur......  4x5, Hasselblad, and Leica.....
> all MF.
> Frank Filippone
> And they do tend to focus better then I do.
> Mark William Rabiner
I had done a bunch of low light shooting with MF and missed my focus a whole
bunch if times a month ago and before that.
If it was an AFS lens set at AF I know I'd not have missed more than one of
them. It just nails it. Part of it is the viewfinder knows you're going to
probably use AF so its not a big groundglass thing like the old cameras.

So I'm not all that down on AF. I just like MF so I can more quickly focus
on the part of the image I want in focus and not reposition or move a sensor

Mark William Rabiner

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