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From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Mar 14 16:52:15 2008

George Lottermoser offered:


Dear Ted the grouch,

Hi George, ted the grouch here. :-)

>> You easily grasped the transition from film to digital capture as your
market forces demanded it.<<<

That's true to some degree, but I did in the beginning do some ferocious
kicking and screaming. Wet to digi!

I mean if you consider from May 27th 1951or so, when I began developing film
& prints using the details on KODAK  developer packages and pretty well
stayed with those printed instructions up until digital. It was a difficult
transition. Actually it's still going on as I acquire new skills with
Lightroom and other bits and pieces.

And quite frankly given I'm a complete failure when it comes to reading
instruction manuals, it's a bloody wonder I've made it this far.

>>You've always made it clear that - to be there and KISS - has always
worked for you.<<

That's true and probably happened due to my lack of reading all the way
through the manuals. Just enough to get the job done seemed to be the KISS
simple way. 

Why burden ones time with a bunch of stuff that you'll not likely require on
a daily work basis? If there was something extra required I learned it only
for the moment it was required.

Use it, move on!

>>Many on this list feel strong attachments to chemical process photo

Fair enough, but in terms of reality today and the improvement in digital
printers and incredible printing paper. Not to forget the improvements all
the way through the digital photo world and continuing to a level far
superior to wet tray printing and picture taking. Obviously an arguable
item. I can't imagine hanging back to what one might call the "modern day
dark ages" of photography. Film, wet trays and paper. I can't for one second
comprehend film, souping it along with wet tray paper. It's beyond my
wildest thoughts.

Actually what I miss is the quiet times by myself in the silence of
darkroom. It was me, enlarger, wet trays, and running water and always
hopefully beautiful prints.

But I can recreate this sensation quite easily, and do often in the

I turn the lights off, there's me, quiet CD music and the image on the
screen. Quite pleasant really. Of course on a rare occasion a single malt
sitting near by. :-) However not always as it's work and one doesn't want to
dull their senses with a touch or two of alcohol.

>>While others don't mind letting go of the old and welcome the new.<<

I suppose one might say I've grab the new and don't miss the old working
manner at all!

>>Others, like myself, feel a deep nostalgia and pangs of regret as we
transition from film to digital capture.<<<

Very interesting, as yes I have feelings of nostalgia for the old days, but
absolutely no regrets about not doing it any longer. 

What I feel is, I'm thankful I learned how to work in the darkroom when
working in the darkroom was a joy to make beautifully outstanding prints
from beautifully exposed film.

Today? Yep, I can experience an equal euphoria without question! Certainly
when you watch a print beginning to show it's beauty coming off the printer
much like the first signs of an emerging print in the developer.

>>These discussions swirling about the aesthetics,technique, and trends
(both technical and aesthetic) of film and digital capture worlds serve a
good and reasonable service to us all; allowing us to understand why some
remain on one side or the other of the fence and why some sit atop it.<<<

Absolutely, no question. However what I find is, surely it doesn't take a
zillion posts back and forth to decide what works for one and not another. 

My old high school motto in English, I could never remember in Latin, well I
can but don't have a clue how to write it. Was. "We learn by doing." 

So when I see so many posts back and forth talking, I'm amazed at the time
spent, possibility wasted? While people concern themselves over which
technology works best.. Why not just "do it?" As in "We learn by doing!" and
may I add "not by talking about it!"

>>Allow us our exchange of thoughts and rest assured that most of the
participants in the discussion also do their share of active KISS
photography and sharing there from.<<<

By all means of course! Like I say, "be my guest." But why not "do it"
instead of talking about it? :-)

Kindest regards,


Fond regards,


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