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Subject: [Leica] Re: OT I hate flash ( it was "speaking of cars and photography " )
From: platoali at (Platoali)
Date: Fri Mar 14 10:04:36 2008
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On Jumee 24 Esfand 1386, Lottermoser George wrote:
> All valid, subjective and personal reasons to avoid this form of
> information distribution. ;~)
> Please note that I understand why folks dislike flash content.
> Yet, as a form - flash can present content in ways that no other code
> can; and in the hands of an artist, it can be quite amazing. Enjoy or
> not; as you see fit ;~)
> Fond regards,
> George

I'm sorry for not being polite on my comment.  By no means I did not want to 
attack you or this site design. Actually I did look at it and it was very 
creative and has very artistic language which I liked it very much.

I do apologize for my comment again. Very very sorry. 

Flash had caused me a lot of trouble these days. last month I did just 
my flash version, and the problem began. My favorite browsers ( except 
firefox) could not load it and began  complaining about it with annoying 
pop-up windows with every page I did open. ( this was apart of huge amount 
resources that it is using on my desktop.) I've searched for a solution, but 
it seems that no one can do anything about it except Adobe. A lot of people 
are complaining about this and other things on internet and apparently no 
is listening.

I hope that Adobe opens  the specifications for the flash and allow others 
develope better softwares and solve the problems we have today more easily

Best regards
Ali Yazdi

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