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Subject: [Leica] OT Follow Up: Prius Reliability (from an Owner)
From: frank.dernie at (FRANK DERNIE)
Date: Thu Mar 13 05:30:57 2008

My Prius has had problems with front brakes. First squealing because of a 
seized caliper piston, fixed at my expense, and at the last service front 
disc replacement under warranty.

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From: Bob Shaw <>
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Sent: Wednesday, 12 March, 2008 7:05:27 PM
Subject: [Leica] OT Follow Up: Prius Reliability (from an Owner)

One reason I bought my 2nd Generation Prius (2003 - the latest design) 
is that a cab driver in Vancouver BC bought a 1st generation Prius, 
painted it yellow (he's a cab driver) and put more than 240,000 miles 
on it primarily downtown driving.  Probably the hardest conditions for 
any vehicle in terms of stop/start, braking, idling, etc.

Toyota bought his vehicle, gave him a 2nd Generation (which he promptly 
painted yellow and put into service) and took the old car back to for 
disassembly and inspection (something they learned from Charles 
Keating, father of Quality Control back when it mattered here).

The battery and charging system were still functioning properly when it 
was shipped to Japan.

According to the independent site,, we only know of one 
2nd Generation battery replacement and that was under warranty.  
Projected service life (according to Toyota) is 8 years.

The front disc brakes last a long time (we don't know how long, yet, 
after almost four years)  due to the braking action of the front motor 
generators.  Rear brakes will probably last the life of the car.

Much less vibration since the engine doesn't run all the time, plus 
it's set up quite differently - seldom runs at low rpm unless the 
battery is really low, and the air conditioner is electric motor driven 
- no belt.

And so on.

Ours is at about 70,000 miles and has been great.  Actual measured 
mileage (in hilly, traffic-congested and chilly Seattle) runs between 
37 in downtown traffice in dead of winter to 52 in the summer on 
freeway trips, usually with two of us, our Border Colle and a lot of 
gear (plus Leica R lenses....)

And it is a PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) - one of the reasons 
we decided to buy it.  We paid a higher price but meant to pollute 

I can live with that.

Regards to all,


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