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Subject: [Leica] Not buying a Hummer
From: grduprey at (
Date: Tue Mar 11 07:31:24 2008

I also sold some equipment after my M8 arrived, my M4-P, Leicaflex SL, and 
CV lens.

As to the Hummer, unless you get the original model, the H2 or the H3 is 
actually a GMC truck with Hummer sheet metal.  Personally I like the 
Mercedes Minimog.  Although for max fun, the old DKW jeep (used by NATO for 
years) was may favorite, as it was great off road, but handled like a sports 
car on the road.  This was the vehicle, that the VW Thing was modeled after. 
 It was powered by a 2 cycle 3 cylinder engine.


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From: "Geoff Hopkinson" <>
> Sonny, I'm with you on the M8. I sold my precious M7 and an M6 to help pay
> for my M8. Two used bodies sold for five sixths of my new M8. When I saw 
> the
> first file, I was happy with my decision. Some folks are adamant that they
> are anti M8, (that's cool, plenty of room for each to decide what is
> important to them) some folks are adamant that they are anti-Leica (that 
> one
> I don't get for people on this list). Some folks are rational and are happy
> with alternate ways to make great photos and share here (also very cool).
> Now as to Hummers, shouldn't they have a fifty cal mounted on the roof!!!
> Personally I dislike all larger vehicles in suburbia, having had no less
> than five 4wd's damage my Mazdas owing to catastrophic lack of driving
> skills by their owners! All suburban parking lots are plagued by giant
> vehicles with incompetent owners around here. None of them ever go 
> off-road!
> Cheers
> Geoff 
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> Sonny Carter
> Sent: Tuesday, 11 March 2008 3:38 PM
> To: Leica Users Group
> Subject: [Leica] Not buying a Hummer
> I've decided not to trade the Prius for a Hummer.
> I want a vehicle that is recognizable , kind of like my M8 camera is.  So I
> thought maybe I'd look at the Hummer SUV.
> It is  boxy and wide, and a rugged vehicle originally built for military
> use.
> These  rock-crawlers look like  tanks on the road , and that's not a flaw.
> Well, it seems that the Prius might be somewhat more friendly to the
> environment.  At least that's what I think after filling my ten gallon gas
> tank, and the guy at the next pump was hitting $85 bucks as I drove away.
> Someone will pick this apart in about three posts.  But I like my M8, and I
> really hate being in the darkroom, and I am in denial at how to file
> negatives from 1962.
> Good luck all you darkroom freaks. Smell your fingers and wonder why people
> shy away from you in public.. look at that plastic apron and when you see
> what the stuff does to an inert fabric wonder what it is doing to your
> lungs.
> The first miracle in my life was seeing a print coming up in the developer.
> The second was seeing my  first kid hanging upside down in the OB's grasp.
> IHow did I afford an M8?  I sold two hard-earned M7's and a couple lenses.
> It was completely worth it.  I love this camera.
> I'll also keep the Prius.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Sonny
> Natchitoches, Louisiana
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