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Subject: [Leica] M8 questions
From: grduprey at (
Date: Thu Feb 14 14:28:25 2008


Congrats on the new M8.  Mine has been pretty much dust free for the most 
part.  However I use the Eclipse 2 cleaner on the Visible Dust swabs.  They 
make one for the 1.3 sensors.  The swabs come in a box of 12 and should last 
you a while.  I got 2 boxes just to make sure.   Normal use is maybe once a 
month or less, depending on how heavy a shooter you are.  Since you are 
going to a dusty area, probably higher use would be needed.  One trick I use 
and it seems to work for me is to make sure you blow or dust around the lens 
mount before you remove the lens, and then blow into the lens opening with 
the lens mount down before mounting the new lens.  I just blow with my 
mouth.  Seems like a long procedure, but really only takes a few seconds or 
so.  This procedure seems to keep the dust out very well.  Also turn the 
camera off when changing lenses.

Have fun with the new camera.


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From: Tarek Charara <>
> OK, so here I am with a brand new M8... :^)
> I'm discovering a lot of things:
> 1) It's a disaster for left-eyed photographers, the small screen gets  
> full of nose grease...
> 2) The frames are very approximate, I have the feeling they were more  
> accurate with the film M's - Maybe I'm wrong...
> 3) 1/8000 of a second is something that can happen very fast! When I  
> forget to change ISO settings and find myself shooting in sunlight,  
> for example!
> 4) It's nice NOT to have to get rid of all the dust with B&W...
> Questions to all the M8 experts out there:
> What is your sensor cleaning technique? I've bought the camear  
> yesterday and allready 3 or 4 dust specks in the blue skyes (nothing  
> terrible)...
> I'm going to take the camera (along with the film M's & R's)  next  
> week and next month to Benin and to Syria/Jordan in April/May - pretty  
> dusty out there - so, what is your technique to get rid of the dust??
> All the best from Paris!
> Tarek
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