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Subject: [Leica] OT : lens mount question - Nathan - Jerry etc
From: wildlightphoto at (
Date: Sat Feb 9 05:17:03 2008

Philippe AMARD <> wrote:

>a) I want a long telphoto lense for use on the L1 (4/3)
>b) I already own an Angenieux 210 and a Leitz extender x 2 - which 
>altogether bring me to 820 35mm equivalent. But quality is not what I'd 
>like it to be.
>c) I keep missing telyts for lack of time, or money
>d) I've found an x to 500 Nikon... zoom for sale, real cheap, and Steve 
>pointed us to a site where they sell N.. to 4/3 adpators. Good thing BTW
>The mount of the N zoom is AI modified - and the adaptor is F to 4/3 - 
>is that compatible?
>As I haven't bought either yet , I simply want to make sure they all fit.

The lens and adapter should have no physical or mechanical compatibility 
problems, but since the lens is AI modified, it's very old equipment.  Zooms 
of that age were not up to the image quality standard of the contemporaneous 
primes, let alone a modern prime, so your image quality might not be any 
better than with the Angenieux + extender.  If you want a Telyt, there's 
really no substitute.  A 400mm f/6.8 is probably the best quality for the 
price among older Telyts.

Doug Herr

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