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Subject: [Leica] When in doubt ask photographer
From: bd at (
Date: Sun Jan 13 03:55:38 2008
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Different strokes for different folks, Mark. But I'd suggest taking a look 
at Eugene Richards's Cocaine Blue. ;-)
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From: Mark Rabiner <>

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 23:32:22 
To:Leica Users Group <>
Subject: Re: [Leica] When in doubt ask photographer

> Absolutely, flat out, untrue.
> If you are on the scene to be Mr. Photographer, you will be seen and alter 
> the
> scene. If you leave your ego home and concentrate on your work, in a very
> short period of time you will become virtually invisible.
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That's just not my experience.
In photographing every conceivable situation for every conceivable type of
client since the mid 60's.
A room filled with junkies shooting up and you're some guy with a camera?
Blend right in of course! They'll just forgot you're there!
Gee here's that photo guy again he's been here for a week!
- living with them for very extended periods of time then I think of course
the dynamics might change just a tiny bit.
But you're a guy with a camera in your hand not a needle.
Your needs are not there needs.
You're not going to help them score their next hit and you're leaving in the
I don't think these people want complications.
But junkies would be an extreme example of an impenetrably closed society.
You're in the room they're putting on a show for you that's my experience in
just about any shooting situation..
Might be subtle. We just wish its really real.
I think they're a lot of wishful thinking in photojournalism and a lot of
idol making. We forget we're asking for a generous suspension of belief.

It takes a very very large room with tons of people in it for the dynamics
of behavior to not completely change if there's one persons in the room
taking pictures. 
But hey! Fine! your invisible.!
Kind of the Emperors new clothes in reverse.

Mark William Rabiner

Leica Users Group.
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