Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2008/01/06

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Subject: [Leica] Teeny URL Reposts
From: rpalmier at (bob palmieri)
Date: Sun Jan 6 21:45:44 2008

Folks -

In response to some folks reminding my dim self of the difficulties  
involved in accessing long links I set up these easy-click versions  
(seen in context of the original post.)

And now, since I'm at least as sick of this silliness as the rest of  
you, (and thanks to Steve for his gracious response) I promise that  
the whole thing has officially been Put to Rest on this end...

Brian -

I seem to recall that you asked for an "expansive" interpretation of  
the theme.  So, in the spirit of bluff-calling I decided to really  
try to find some alternate takes on this "caring" business.  Here's  
one which took last place in the contest (a spot which I'm proud to  
share with some of my favorite photographers and people on the LUG) -  
it's about a guy who really cares about his book, and apparently  
thinks that we should, too:

And another (4th from last) about a couple of guys who care so much  
about who's got the "right of way" that they think it's worth a  
streetfight (again, having the 50 would've been nice):

(Really sincere apologies for referring to my own damn pix but if I  
get started on all the cool stuff in the contest (like the opposing  
hands in George's picture) we'll never get outta here...)

But in the end Walt's straightforward, resonant and beautiful  
renderings of human compassion triumphed, and that's really good news  
for all of us.

Bob Palmieri