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Subject: [Leica] Re: New Tmax/Xtol
From: rpalmier at (bob palmieri)
Date: Sun Jan 6 17:16:47 2008
References: <>

On Jan 6, 2008, at 7:07 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:
> Depends on which dilution you use Bob!
> If you use it straight or 1:1 your grain structure will be :
> No
> No grain structure.
> Mush
> Mush I tell you!
> If you can make out the grain at all from the mush which surrounds  
> them.
> At 1:2 you'll see fairly defined grain but with an edge which needs  
> work
> At 1:3 you'll see nicely defined grain but you'll need good  
> magnification to
> see it. A good loupe on an 11x14 print. That's a darkroom print. On an
> inkjet those are not the subtleties involved.

(in response to this business:)

>> Before Brian and Steve posted their first comments I was gonna use
>> this shot to illustrate my first experiences with New Tmax400  in
>> Xtol.  Very good sharpness (as advertised,) really long scale,
>> endless highlight latitude (with a creamy, almost medium-format feel
>> to them).  Don't exactly know how the grain structure will look in a
>> really big enlargement but there's a lot to like about this combo.
>> However, I'm not sure yet about the spectral sensitivity.  Whereas my
>> fallback combo of Neopan 400 in Xtol usually looks like I actually
>> knew enough to filter the shot properly (when I used no filter at
>> all), the jury ain't in on this New Tmax stuff.
>> snip
>> Bob Palmieri

Mark -

Have you tried these dilutions with this allegedly New!New!New!!!  
Tmax 400?

(My guy used 2:1 for this roll.)

Bob Palmieri

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