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Subject: [Leica] "cutting the edge" with a Leica!
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sat Dec 8 15:24:09 2007


Actually I find the conversations on this "cutting edge" subject
interesting, not that I truly and honestly understand exactly what some of
you lads mean. As I'm not a philosophical type, nor university educated as
many of you are. Therefore I don't quite catch what you mean because
photography is something "one does" as apposed to discuss in the word
fashion of this topic. None the less it's interesting.


I think my so called out burst of yesterday was created due to the use of
the wording. "Cutting edge photography." And my re-action to a few E-pages
I'd opened expecting to see some incredible new Salgado, Bresson or like
members of the world in photography. Or maybe some new gifted person's


However, what I thought I was looking at were things "tacked" to a wall or
floor, then put together in some form of computer imaging system. They
certainly didn't look like "cutting edge!" Let alone photography I've known
these many years. 


In effect the images had absolutely nothing to do with holding a Leica in
hands and making exposures of the world as many of us have done.


When I first went to the National Film Board of Canada as the Assn't
Executive Producer of the Still Division, art photography of any kind was at
the bottom of the pit as far as I was concerned. It's where I began my use
of "Rock & Fern, peeling paint photographer!" And not as a compliment.


But after several months of tutoring by the Director about what worked and
what didn't as Fine Art Photography, I began to appreciate the finer points
of Rock and Fern along with a zillion photos of peeling paint. :-) I figure,
actually I'd bet near everyone on the LUG at sometime or other has shot
peeling paint! :-) 


I became interested in it and actually shot peeling paint, rocks and ferns
on many down time relaxing occasions. However it never occurred to me I was
doing anything "cutting edge" even though it was the absolute opposite type
of photography I'd done for so long. 


I don't believe any of us start out thinking we're going to create great
images to move the feelings of people in the world. Quite frankly I suppose
there are some who have mega-ego's believing that's what their photography
does. No time for that kind!


But "feeling" is what photography is all about, good, bad or ugly! We as
photographers feel in our gut, this is the moment. click! The results create
feelings in so many ways it's unpredictable what re-actions our exposure may


The bottom line in all of this is how each of us relate to the visuals of
another and no one, especially me, has the right to rant like an idiot about
a topic that comes before the family.


Don't know if this has anything to do with cutting edge photography, but it
does have something to do with feelings! 


Carry on lads.


















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