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Subject: [Leica] Leica User gets a Canon DSLR
From: lists at (lists)
Date: Fri Nov 30 13:24:47 2007

Ok, so I've been super happy with my M8, but recently had a need/desire to 
try a DSLR, so I just picked up a Canon 
40D over the weekend.

First, its big and heavy - I'd hate to see what those 1DS xxx fellas have to 
haul around.  The 40D came with the 28-
135 3.5-5 USM IS kit lens and was figuring on some primes.   However, one 
thing I noticed in doing several days of 
Ballet shooting is that:

1. exposure is off alot more than my M8
2. it seems to need *alot* more light than my M8 to get a good exposure.  
Same light gives very different readings.  
M8 has been spot on.


With the M8, I can shoot at 1250 and f3.5 and get a decent 1/180th in the 
studio lighting.  This works most of the 
time. With the 40D I only get 1/50 to 1/80th of a second and I'm shooting at 
roughly the same f stop and a bit 
higher ISO (1600).  I'm blurring alot more shots and its sucking.

The main reason I got this camera was for low light performance (and long 
zooms for stage shooting).  ISO 3200 was 
a bit too grainy for me (but it will work slightly better than 2500 on the 
M8) so I keep it on ISO 1600, but the results 
are just not nearly as good as the m8.  I've also noticed that the meter 
seems to be more erratic - series of shots often 
will vary widely even though the framing/metering should be roughly the 
same.  Even still shots where the IS should 
give me even more advantage are just not coming thru for me.

Any idea what is up?  Is that just the way of things or do I have a bad 
camera?  If I take the 40D outside and shoot in 
daylight I seem to get decent results.  Its just the dance stuff that is 
falling down.

Yes, I know that the M8 is a more expensive camera.   I know the 40d it 
isn't the top of the line, but I know lots of commercial/PJ/wedding guys 
using the 30/40d series of cameras and are happy with it.

Other observations:

1. The 1.6 crop factor sucks.  I really like the 1.3 on the M8 as its real 
easy to do the math and lenses just seem to fit 
where they need to better than the slightly odd canon lineup.
2. Fast - woah, I can't seem to hit the buffer on this thing.  Wow.
3. The CR2 files take much longer to transfer to Lightroom than the M8 DNGs. 
 Annoyingly so.
4. I did go out and buy a faster 2.8 lens and I'm going to be shooting it 
today - its wider and should give me a stop 
more light, but still. 
5. Some of the advanced features are sure nice...

Anywho, if you got some ideas, please float them.

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