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Subject: [Leica] IMGS - Below the National Gallery - Corrected URL
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun Nov 25 10:34:44 2007

Robert D. Baron offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] IMGS - Below the National Gallery - Corrected URL


I wrote:

> Oops.

> Here is the correct URL for the full frame image:


And then SonC wrote:

> Wow, the full frame is great!


And then Ted wrote:

> Holy Mackerel Bob,

> The full frame is the picture man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


And then Geoff and Len piled on....

<sigh> ;-)

Which proves again I guess that we are our own worst editors.


Hi Bob,

You must have missed that in "Being a Photographer 101! Chapter 1, page 2


When Ted observed:

> And I bet you screwed around for some time trying to crop this to bring

> girls out more as I explained from looking at your cropped image.


>>>>He won the bet.  Oh well, as I said in an early post in this thread, 

'Practice Practice Practice'.<<<<<<<


And that's what it's all about. Shooting, shooting and more shooting! As
Kyle Cassidy says.. "Keep punching the button it'll come unstuck!" 


>>>>At least it is a lot cheaper to practice using digital<<<<<<<<<


But that's the great bonus of shooting digital..... "YOU LEARN BY DOING!!"
It doesn't cost a gazillion dollars for film and processing which can be
quite a deterrent for many weekend warriors. Sometimes pros. 


But there isn't any question we as photographers are our own worst editing
enemies. Of course we have the dumb ass "so perfects" that believe no one
else can edit their work as well as they can.... They are always wrong! It's
surprising how fresh non involved at the time of exposure editors see things
that make one look bloody marvelous, that the shooter missed for any number
of reasons!


New eyes, new selections! Rarely fails! Better photographic moments are


>>Which is how I produced the two following versions of the (slightly 

cropped) full frame image:






which can be compared with my original crop:


<> <<<<<<<<


Good tries but my gut still rides with the full frame. :-)



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