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Subject: [Leica] Developer for Neopan 1600/TMax 3200
From: s.dimitrov at (slobodan dimitrov)
Date: Fri Oct 26 11:35:01 2007
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Yes, I agree that you're not a slouch, when it comes to printing and  
using your darkroom.
But, Neopan 1600 has such poor resolution, that it's my film of  
choice for C/V lenses. It's very forgiving for those lenses, and  
equates fairly well the dynamic range of films experienced by the LTM  
shooters of bygone days.
On the other hand, you'd do better pushing Neopan 400 to 800, with an  
appropriate developer. The Neopan 400 pushed, is far better for the  
reasons you mentioned earlier, than Neopan 1600 pulled.

Slobodan D.

On Oct 26, 2007, at 12:13 AM, Marty Deveney wrote:

> Uploads They're here: The Japan,
Tsukiji and Rachel galleries are 100% Neopan 1600 at EI640.   
St_P_XXXIV.jpg.htmlare Neopan
400 at EI200, the outdoor ones with a deep yellow, or maybe a
yellow-green (B+W 060 - I think?) filter.  This shot:http://
from Neopan 400 at EI400 with 20% more development than I normally give
it, to compensate for very flat light in our living room. It's all
developed in Xtol 1+3 or a home-made equivalent. Scanning frustrates me
and I need to get better at it (and get a better scanner - these were  
made with an Epson 4870).  Slobodan has several silver gelatin prints of
mine from the print exchange and I think that these are a better
indication of my general abilities, but these scans are indicative. I
also have a pile of sensitometric information to support my approach,  
as I said in the previous e-mail, I prefer to work by using the "if it
aint broke" approach.  After all, all the speed standards, CI guidelines
etc were based on work by Kodak that used visual appraisals of prints to
determine what was "normal".  It's also interesting that Kodak changed
the standard in the 1950s sometime so that all their films doubled in
speed overnight (this is when Tri-X went from being a 200 speed film  
to a
400 speed film - I've wondered if it was reformulated at that time, but
have never been able to find out). Marty

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