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Subject: [Leica] IMG: PAW 41 dlridings
From: dlr at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Mon Oct 15 04:50:12 2007

Rolleiflex and M3 this week. Ewa and I took a walk out to a point on 
Onsala peninsula. It was the point where the pilots would have their 
watch to lead ships through the archipelago into G?teborg. A silly song 
by the who kept going through my mind ... "I can see for miles ..."

The day after we took a long walk through the heath.

Oh yes, I forgot about the pirate's (legal pirate, serving the king) 
sarcofag from the early 1700's (1711 or so):

Lars Gathenhielm. His wife is lying next to him. He died at 29 and each 
sarcofag (out of white marble) cost 22,000 riksdaler back then (daler = 
the historical word that "dollar" comes from, I think. Tollar in 
Slovenien). That would be a lot of money today, it was an enormous sum 
back then. All for a corpse. What a waste.

Square with a Rolleiflex T and the rest with M3 50/2.8 Elmar.


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