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Subject: [Leica] Kodak TMax-400
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Wed Oct 10 06:29:22 2007

>From John Sexton's latest E-Newsletter.....

Today Kodak announced a new improved version of their T-MAX 400 film.  I
personally find this exciting news, as it demonstrates that film is still
"alive" at Kodak, and in fact they have been working on improving their
existing silver halide emulsions.
I've had the opportunity to use this film extensively, in 120 size, for the
past month.  Though my primary film is Kodak Professional T-MAX 100, I have
also used T-MAX 400 when needed for extremely low light situations, or when
wind is a concern.  In my experience the new T-MAX 400 film has noticeably
finer grain than its predecessor.  Kodak states that the new Professional
T-MAX 400 is "now the world's sharpest, finest grain 400 speed black and
white film."
Here is a link to the web page where you can find the Kodak press release
announcing the new T-MAX 400 film:

You can find some additional information about the new T-MAX 400 film here:

I have been processing the new T-MAX 400 120 film in D-76 1+1 for 7 minutes
at 68?F with manual agitation for 5 seconds every 30 seconds for normal
development.  I have been using an EI of 250 with the new emulsion, just as
I did with its predecessor. This procedure has produced negatives of
excellent quality for enlarging with a diffusion light source.  The grain
structure has smoothness that to my eye I have never experienced with a film
of this speed.
Kodak recently conducted a survey of more than 9,000 professional
photographers in the United States.  The results of the survey show that
film continues to have a loyal following, with 75 percent of photographers
saying they will continue to use film.  You can read about Kodak's survey
results here:

Frank Filippone

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