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Subject: [Leica] Re: Dave's PAW (*) 2007 #41
From: ausdlk at (David Keenan)
Date: Sun Sep 30 16:58:13 2007

>We are GEEKS here and proud of it. This is a camera list. We wanna know the
>nuts and bolts behind the shot. None of this "picture stands alone" baloney
>we are not taking a course in advanced esthetics.

This is a load of baloney in itself. Sorry, geeks or not, if the purpose of
owning a camera is not the photographs they produce then something is truly
being wasted.

>I say SELL THE SHOT and maybe we'll look at it.

I'm not trying to sell anything. I put out one posting a week with a link to
my picture of the week with a no arm twisting invitation to take a look.

I do believe that a picture needs to speak for itself.

Any verbal hyperbole probably is often an attempt to over hype a mediocre
image. Some or all of my PAW photographs may be mediocre in some people's
opinion and if that happens to be the case then no one is forcing anyone to
click the link.


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