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Subject: [Leica] In memorium " a Jaylen tear rose."
From: jsluss at (John D. Sluss)
Date: Wed Jun 27 08:02:10 2007


Just about everything said has been said by others on the LUG. I just want
you to know that I will be praying for Katie, Jaylan, you and Irene.  I have
found that the 23ed Psalm is good to read and contemplate at times like

God Bless,


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Subject: [Leica] In memorium " a Jaylen tear rose."

"A Jaylen Tear Rose."

Some folks on list know how kind and wonderfully supportive the LUG is in
times of family tragedy.

It isn't always cameras and pictures, but when something occurs we reach out
to our screen family for support, because in many cases we are friends who
communicate daily. We may not know you by face, but we know you by your
written feelings and words.

As each of our grand daughters were born, 4 in all, we planted a rose bush
in the garden naming each after the girls, Kate, Sasha, Terra and Emily.
Some twenty plus years now since the first.

Kate being the oldest became a mother to a beautiful young lady 5 months
ago. Jaylen, whom we watched growing quickly via Katies weekly internet sent
photos. Using her "grandpa camera."

In any event Jaylen's rose bush wasn't planted as quickly as it should've
been. As happens "we're too busy or other stupid excuse." The idea was we'd
plant it right along side her mother Kate's.

Sunday morning I was about to leave for the garden shop to buy a bush and
get it planted. However as I was about to leave we received a phone call the
wee young lady had died! To say the least our family was, is devastated.

I didn't know where to turn for support or to cry on a shoulder.

The LUG? And it's moments like this when we find out how wonderful the LUG
Family really is.

Yep our own caring Padre, Rev. Kenneth Frasier helped me get squared away
and comforted even though living many thousands of miles a cross the
continent. Along with a word or two from our own Brian Reid.

So with extremely heavy heart, never mind shedding tears. Monday morning
Irene and I went to the garden shop, purchased a beautiful pink rose bush,
brought it home and planted it beside her mother Kate's.

It has been appropriately named "Jaylen's tear rose." Because when I
finished planting and watered it down, the droplets of water appeared much
like tears, Jaylen's and our's one more time.

I would like to say to all of you that simple things like planting a rose or
other small thing in the name of a family member should never be put aside
for any reason! Simply because you never know.

Thanks Padre Ken you are the best!


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