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Subject: [Leica] Compact Camera Conundrum
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Wed Jun 6 07:49:49 2007


Excellent advice! I think the Fuji will be a temporary stopgap. It looks
like there's lots of interesting digital stuff in the pipeline. But that
pipeline is progressing slowly. I find it interesting that a camera is
announced a year in advance of when it's available (Sigma DP-1). It's
"be patient and don't settle for less" marketing. It reminds me of
traveling when I was a kid. "Dad, when are we going to get
there?"......"In 10 minutes or so" hour passes....."are we there
yet"...."no, I said we'll be there in ten minutes."  Ten minutes from
when? Are those nice looking pictures of tomorrow's cameras on the web
just be clay models digitally enhanced to look extra shiny and new? The
digital IIIf will be available in 10 minutes...right now if you want
small you'll just have to settle for a full frame Instamatic (and just
ignore that it's full frame 126) 

Apparently I'm not the first to imagine a D40x and 45P as a frugal
alternative to an M8 and 50 Elmar. :-)  If only I could get a 15 Heliar
in Nikon G mount. 


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From: Mark Rabiner [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 6:07 PM
To: Leica Users Group
Subject: Re: [Leica] Compact Camera Conundrum

Dave get a LEICA D-LUX 3
Its gorgeous. Ernst will love you.
Love that wide screen and the format of shooting that way.
16:9 and be there.

Also choose from 3/2 or 4/3 as usual. I think I'd always shoot 16:9.

The screen on the back is bigger than the camera. You don't need an
P-5000 viewer once you get this camera.

This Fuji is too big and fat and heavy and ugly.
But otherwise very nice!

The Leica is small and skinny and gorgeous. And takes great shots.
But otherwise has nothing going for it.

Get the black one!!

Small silver digital cameras are a dime a dozen. I think they are all
The black makes the red dot pop out. Everybody goes wow! For sure the
niftiest camera in any situation. They will all have to go home in shame
embarrassment and non worthiness.

I want one. I got one for a family member for their special birthday.
I wish I was that family member. But I ain't.

I think these little cameras need bigger sensors in the back. Sony has
None have followed. Cameras are sold and compared even in CONSUMER
with no mention of how big the format is. They just compare pixel count.
Which is like saying both camera can shoot TECH PAN.
But one is super 8 the other is half frame. Guess which is which.

Mark Rabiner
Harlem, NY

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