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Subject: [Leica] Re: Backup
From: dlr at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Sat May 26 02:19:18 2007
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Lawrence Zeitlin wrote:
> On May 24, 2007, at 10:43 PM, Brian wrote:
> Good logic but bad math. Assuming you shoot 6 Gb a day on the average, 
> 90 days of photography would produce 540 Gb of image data. If you stored 
> the data on DVD discs you would require 115 DVDs at a cost of $57.50. Of 
> course you would exceed the capacity of your 500 Gb hard drive so you 
> would have to buy another. Incidentally Staples sells 100 packs of DVD 
> discs for $29. Sometimes even cheaper on sales.

You haven't calculated two things:

1) DVD's WILL FAIL more often than a hard disk. You just won't know it 
until you try and use them.

2) Your time. Burning DVD's is not for the person with a full calendar.

Plus ... the whole key to digital storage is migration.

Given the choice of migrating from today's technology (harddisks and 
dvds) to tomorrows technology, whatever that will be, I have the choice 
of migrating one unit, 1 hard disk, or around 100 slow units 
(approximately that many DVD's ... at which time I discover which ones 
have failed and I need to bring out the DVD's backup ... you need two of 
them if you are going to store on DVD's at the very least).

So, when it comes to data migration, usb/firewire harddisks are unsurpassed.


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