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Subject: [Leica] I just became a NEFfer...
From: leica at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Mon May 14 07:39:58 2007
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As others mentioned, forget the R lenses. Nikon (46.5mm) and Leica R 
(47.0mm) having two of the longest baselength of all SLR systems - check - there are not many other lenses to use than 
those made explicitely for Nikon. 

The Zeiss ZF lenses are very good in terms of sharpness and contrast, but 
were deceiveing in terms of bokeh wide open, at least on the samples I have 
seen. The bokeh remembered me the 1.4/40 M-mount Nokton - double lines, 
silly light rings. With older Nikon Ai(s) lenses like the 1.4/35 or 1.2/50 
you are more on the safe side, bokeh-wise.

Anyway, you might like the autofocus feature after a certain time, and then 
the 1.4/50, 1.4/85, 2/105 and 2/135 AF Nikkors are waiting for you :-)


>After about 3 months of hesitating between an M8 (just a bit: above  
>budget, and too soon in its lifecycle for me), a 30D ('only' 8MP,  
>small VF, construction quality of EF-S lenses), a 5D (with the right  
>lens(es) above budget) and a D200, I chose for the latter.
>I sold everything else except for my MP, a CV 15 and a 35 and 50  
>I'm a bit nervous.
>Nothing but time will tell, ofcourse.
>But I can always jump into R glass if necessary ;-)

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