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Subject: [Leica] IMG:Test of six 50's
From: dankhong at (D Khong)
Date: Sun May 13 12:26:26 2007


All the recent discussions about lenses have been meaningful and informative
and brought back a few fond memories. As I remember, the LUG was full of
flavorful and healthy exchanges concerning Leica lenses, cameras,
accessories, and the odd OT stuffs like Tilley hats, single malt whiskeys,

Digital imaging seem to have pushed the film lenses aside as more discussion
was on digital camera performances megapixels,and image storage,
manipulation and stuffs in that direction. Most people who buy digital
cameras don't even know, or ask or probably even care what lenses or lemons
they got with their shiny new toy. Film users were a tad more knowlegeable
or at least we were asked to make a choice between some prime optic or those
do it all zooms when we bought a camera body.

I hope the M8 (or some competitor of it) brings back new life into old

Happy snaps.

Dan K.

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