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Subject: [Leica] M5 questions
From: jeffmatsler at (Jeff S. Matsler)
Date: Thu May 10 21:02:53 2007
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I purchased my M5 (BGN) from KEH last year.  What arrived would have passed 
for EXC / NEAR MINT on ebay.  The same is true with the lenses and bodies 
(including an F4S) bought at bargain grade from them over the years.

I'm surprised they didn't fix the patch.  I'll bet if you call and talk to 
them, they'll take it back and have it fixed no charge - or send you another 
one if in stock.  That is, unless it was graded that way before you bought 
it.  Otherwise, ask for a repair or replacement.

The repair shop at KEH is a great resource for Leica M's.  One of the 
esteemed repair guys in the business recommended I use them and said they 
were excellent - so I have.  They will also convert the battery compartment 
for modern batteries if you ask them to - they might charge you, but it will 
be minimal, especially if they're doing a warranty job on it as well.

I must admit using the M5 far more than the M3 these days.  I like the size 
and feel.  I have big hands and the M5 just feels right - one of the reasons 
a list member recommend I get one.  If it had TTL flash, I would sell my 
CLE.  As it is, it doesn't do a bad job with a Metz 45 or 54 flash set on A; 
or a Minolta 360PX on a Power Grip II for that matter - my local Leica 
buddies cringe when they see it harnessed up to the Minolta though.  They 
really hate it when it produces better pics than some of their high dollar 
units.  :-)

If you have a 3 lug, you've got 28mm frame lines as well (I think that's the 
distinguishing trait - someone correct me if I'm wrong).   That's by far my 
favorite advantage over the M3.  Prior to buying it, I had to shoot the CLE 
if I wanted accurate framing with my favorite lens, the 28mm, f/2.8.  There 
are also frame lines for 135mm.

Have fun with the M5.   Let us know how you feel about it in a month.  I'm 
guessing you'll love it even more than you do know.  Also let us know about 
the separation and what KEH did.  I for one am curious to hear how they deal 
with an issue like this.

Jeff M

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From: "Harrison McClary" <>
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Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 4:13 PM
Subject: [Leica] M5 questions

>I just picked up an M5 from KEH today, it was listed as BGN, so I was ready 
>for a rough looking camera.  Actually it is not that bad.  The shutter 
>speeds are nice and crisp with good detents, the camera had a few minor 
>dings and one place of chipped vulcanite, enough that on another brand it'd 
>probably be ex- LOL
> Anyway I have one question and a few observations.  First the question, 
> the rangefinder patch shows minor signs of separation.  How big of an 
> issue or concern is this?  I know this is fairly common, just wonder how 
> rapidly this progresses, and how much a repair of something like this is 
> should it become necessary.
> Now to the observations...Why was this camera not well liked?  It is a 
> fabulous shooter!  It handles great, shutter speeds easily the most 
> accessible of any M.  It is very quiet.  Viewfinder not only has a meter, 
> but it also shows shutter speed!  In an M!  How nice!  Personally I like 
> the way it feels also, not much larger than the M6, and the film advance 
> has a more crisp feel than my M6ttl, more like my old classic M6.  Frame 
> lines are grteat, 35, 50, 90 and a spot for the meter area.  How simple, 
> just like my M6 .0.85ttl now that I had some lines removed.
> Anyway thanks in advance for the answers to my questions.
> -- 
> Harrison McClary 

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