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Subject: [Leica] Re:News of BD
From: eduardoalbesi at (Eduardo Albesi)
Date: Mon Apr 9 03:56:29 2007
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I'm sorry, Mark, but I sold the 35/2, 20/2.8 and 24/2.8 and 20-35/2.8L.

I'm working (about to start) at the ER. Tomorrow I will try to post  
some images shot in the studio comparing the 17-35/2.8L to the 28/2.8  
and 35/1.4L.

I never said Canon primes are on the weak side. I have high regard  
for the 50/1.4 and 1.8, 85/1.8, 85/1.2L(I), 135/2.8 soft focus,  
100/2, 200/2.8L, 300/4L. I love primes. One of the reasons why I love  
my M8.

And I am not a bit surprised by this. The super L zooms cost at least  
as the sum of the primes they replace. Almost all L zooms are newer  
optical designs, have better mechanical construction assuring better  
collimation and centration, etc.

IMO, I seem to remember that on the Nikkor field, a zoom like the AF- 
S 17-35/2.8 ED (and a long list of other letters I don't remember  
anymore) performs at least as good as most of the same age primes it  
intends to 'replace' at similar apertures. But I don't have any of  
them anymore.


PS: Sorry, but I will not be able to respond fluidly today, but I  
will try to do my best.

El 09/04/2007, a las 02:50, Mark Rabiner escribi?:

> On 4/9/07 12:30 AM, "Eduardo Albesi" <>  
> typed:
>> Same experience here with Canon lenses. Both my old 20-35/2.8L and
>> 17-35/2.8L produce consistently much better images than the 20/2.8
>> and 35/2 primes, and just a tad better than the 35/1.4L and 24/2.8.
>> The 28/2.8 maybe the cheaper lens in that focal length range, gives
>> about the same quality of the L zooms.
>> Ed
>> El 09/04/2007, a las 01:15, Will von Dauster escribi?:
> Lets see em!
> I'm not buying it!
> I realize there's an ongoing internet urban legend that Canon  
> primes are a
> little weak and who cares because no one uses primes anyway (I do)  
> but it
> doesn't take much to make a prime perform better than a zoom. Lift  
> a pinky.
> Unless all your going by are shots of the want ads. maybe. 5 elements
> instead of 18. Less things floating around in plastic helicals  
> which go bump
> in the night and never perform as well again. All an all a more  
> elegant
> imaging experience with a lens one forth the size and 4 times the  
> speed.
> Give me a prime anyday.
> And old non AF one maybe.
> A non super multi coated one with a dented lens hood or no lens hood.
> A slow one wipe marks or a scrach. I am shooting Nikons but in this  
> regard I
> don't think there's much difference. I can just put more old primes  
> on a
> modern body. A canon person can just use an old film body.
> Mark Rabiner
> 8A/109s
> New York, NY
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