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Subject: [Leica] TECH: Advice and experience requested - M8
From: grduprey at (
Date: Mon Apr 2 13:54:51 2007

Hi CLive,

I have been shooting DNG, no JPG, and using either C1LE or PSE4 with no 
problems with the conversion, all seamless.  Have not tried Lightroom.  I 
think my biggest problem is learning the pattern of the M8 meter, which is 
very different from my other Leica's, both M & R.


-------------- Original message from "Clive Moss" <>: 

> Are you shooting DNG or JPG? If DNG, what are you using for a Raw 
> converter. I have tried shooting DNG+JPG, and the JPGs out of the 
> camera look better that JPGs from Lightroom at default settings. My 
> DNGs tend more to underexposure than overexposure. 
> -- 
> clive 
> On 3/28/07, wrote: 
> > I have a question for the M8 users, I have noticed that the exposures 
> > from my 
> M8 seem to be over exposed, quite a bit. I realize the meter pattern is 
> different, being center weighted average, instead of the selective spot of 
> previous M and R cameras. But I can't seem to figure out the pattern to 
> where I 
> get the exposure right. Any one else have this problem? Is the cure to use 
> the 
> EV compensation all the time? Or what am I doing wrong, that I got right 
> before? 
> I am using Auto Exposure with the M8, but I use this with my R8 and seem 
> to get 
> the exposure right 90% of the time ( at least for my tastes) 
> > 
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