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Subject: [Leica] Focus, Noctilux, M8, C Mode & Scotch
From: imagist3 at (Lottermoser George)
Date: Mon Mar 19 07:08:14 2007
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Over on the Leica Camera User a Leica rep responded to this "ruler  
test" with some insight. Because the range finder windows are off  
axis from the lens the test is really quite useless for rangefinder  
cameras. One really has to check the focus with the film plane and  
the subject plane at absolute parallel - as that is the only time  
that the rangefinder  and subject will actually work. Makes perfect  
sense. When you consider this while testing; results become very  
different. It quite altered my way of testing and working with the M  
in the last few weeks.

George Lottermoser

On Mar 17, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Robert Rose wrote:

> If I try shooting at a ruler, at the closest focus around 3.5 feet,  
> the focus seems to be maybe 0.5 to 1.0 inches beyond the focus I  
> set.  (Of course, when hand holding I am probably swaying more than  
> that.)  With the shallow DOF at f/1, this is enough to put an eye  
> out of focus.

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