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Subject: [Leica] re: [IMG] gun portrait
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Thu Mar 15 04:36:42 2007
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Addendum to that.
I just found that it was "Tales of the Texas Rangers" My older brother 
always insisted on being Clay Morgan, the number one guy. I
was relegated to be Jace Pearson. I recall that the rangers would advance 
resolutely down a street, with lesser rangers
progressively turning off. Jace would be the last to turn off, leaving only 
the steely eyed Clay to face the camera. And my
brother's Colt was constructed of some metal castings (I think a Walker), 
leaving me with some much smaller and less impressive
revolver. Only later did we acquire equal Lugers, that held rolls of caps.

Hopalong again.

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Sonny, that's a precious memory. What was it Patton said about pearl handled 
I like the buzzcut on the boys in the background. Maybe future Marines?
I think that I grew up as the sidekick in "Texas Rangers" I seem to remember 
the Cisco kid as well. Then there was a period as Rowdy
Yates in Rawhide. Who knew he'd grow up to be mayor of someplace?

Hopalong Cassidy

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You can't tell by the picture, but I was packing a pair of pearl handled
revolvers  in this shot.

Roy Rogers

On 3/14/07, Mark Rabiner <> wrote:
> I was great with shoot'en shells when I was a kid.
> And I had a Derringer built into my belt buckle. You really didn't want to
> mess with me.
> But those real bullets are best left to the maniacs.

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