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Subject: [Leica] IMG Don's PAW Week 10 Las Vegas with no glitz
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Tue Mar 13 23:38:04 2007
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Don, I think that 10b is a fine study for a photographer's book. Someone 
getting their Ansel on.
10c &10e are strong graphics, Great shots.
10f, I'd like to see in colour. The Fujifilm motif just needs the green to 
look right to my eye. I'm thinking that the left hand
model is not enjoying the assignment, Ms right hand though is earning her 
fee. Very nice timing for this one.


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Subject: [Leica] IMG Don's PAW Week 10 Las Vegas with no glitz

Hi Gang,
Last week was an interesting week as I spent the whole time in LV but really
didn't find the city very interesting.  Could be the security at the Wynn
running me off.  Anyway, let's start with the beginning of the trip in the
airport.  I found this kind soul sleeping through several flights coming and
going out of this gate.  It is a really long short story about why I spent
so much time at this gate:

This next one was from Zabrowski Point in Death Valley with really bad
light.  You do what you can.

Actually among the sand in Death Valley.  If you ever go, make it to the
sand at daybreak as the peoples tracks will really mess up your shots or you
will have to walk a long way over loose sand to find a clean sandbox:

This is the first decent light I had all day in Death Valley:

What can I say, I like abstract designs.

This gent was overly optimistic.  Chatting up a model when her shift doesn't
end for five more hours.  Trust me, her feet will hurt more than any desire
for dinner or a drink.

This last one is a demonstration of why you should always have a camera.
Medium escalator, notice a lot of commotion, look down, think it is an
impersonator, realize it isn't, turn the camera on, jam a focus and click.

Enjoy the evidence of spring if you are Northern, and glory in the end of
summer and the first twinges of fall in the South.  The M8 is just the bomb,
700+ frames in a week when most of the time was training or seeing the next
big thing.  IR is a breeze.

If the price is doable, get in line and get one.  I've been on this list
quite a while now and this is the first time I have been so enthusiastic
about hard goods.  I am sorry about the length of the PAW but it is such a


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