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Subject: [Leica] Re: The TO and CC fields
From: lindnich at (
Date: Thu Feb 15 14:19:43 2007
References: <> <>

Hello Ric,

If I right click on the LUG Leica <> addy I can reply to 
the list :)

That works with the Bat email client.

I hope none of you clever folk use outlook express....

BWs Gordon

Thursday, February 15, 2007, 8:25:52 PM, you wrote:

RC> Wade--

RC> The "panic" is from simply inverting the habit people have.

RC> We took a button and made it do the opposite of what it has done for  
RC> ages.

RC> The reaction is completely natural. Does Adobe get any whining when  
RC> they move a command form one menu to another or bury it deeper in the
RC> hierarchy? (I'm thinking now specifically of feather selection right  
RC> now;^))

RC> If left to the current state, the habit will eventually invert and  
RC> going back will cause nearly as much gnashing of teeth.

RC> That said, the simplest choice of action should be for the one people
RC> use the most often.

RC> If most people want to converse in the community rather than in  
RC> private, reply should go to the list.

RC> If most people want to converse in private, reply should go to the  
RC> originator.

RC> I prefer public discussion because it gets me the maximum traffic in  
RC> ideas and experience.

RC> Ric Carter

RC> PS-- I had to move one address and delete three others to avoid  
RC> sending duplicate copies to mailboxes.

RC> On Feb 15, 2007, at 2:45 PM, Wade Heninger wrote:

>> And I can understand not liking the fact that "reply" does not go  
>> to the LUG
>> automatically - it takes a bit more time to add it there if you  
>> deem it

RC> _______________________________________________
RC> Leica Users Group.
RC> See for more information

Best wishes,

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