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Subject: [Leica] Vista
From: pswango at (Phil Swango)
Date: Tue Feb 13 15:03:32 2007

Any Vista users out there?  I was planning to avoid getting it initially
until some of the bugs were worked out, but my laptop died an untimely death
so I sprung for a new one with Vista preloaded.  It's a modest rig that I
use mostly for web surfing and light office work so it only has a 2 gHz
single-core processor and 1gig of ram.  So far I'm pretty impressed.  The
few glitches I've had have come when using really old software from the
pre-XP days.  The interface seems really slick and intuitive, speed is good,
and graphics look really nice and smooth.  I'm sure something weird will
spring up soon but I'm really liking Vista for now.  Anyway, I still have XP
on my desktop.

I should mention that the main hiccup I've had has been with Photoshop
5.0LEfrom 6-7 years ago.  It works, but sometimes it bitches at me.
It was kind
of cranky on XP too.

Phil Swango
307 Aliso Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

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