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Subject: [Leica] the prime minister of where?
From: kcassidy at (Kyle Cassidy)
Date: Mon Feb 12 05:53:49 2007

Alastair said (of the Obama photos):

>Thanks for showing: it will be an interesting race to watch to the white
>house: I know our PM has butted in already, when he should butt out!!!

Don't worry Alastair -- not only do we in American have no idea that your PM 
butted in, we have no idea who he is. I saw a snippit on YouTube of what 
appeared to be an Australian comedy show where they had some comedian 
walking around Southern California saying "Hi, I'm the Prime Minister of 
Australia, I'm here to support your president's position on Turkmenistan." 
Everybody shook his hand, got their photos taken with him, was overjoyed to 
meet a Prime Minister (even if they weren't quite sure what a Prime Minister 
is -- is that like Pope?) and agreed that whatever it was President Bush was 
saying about Turkmenistan was very important and thanks for backing him up.

To add insult to injury, he then produced a world map that labeled Australia 
as "Iran" in giant letters and had people push a pin into the country they 
thought we ought to invade next. People gleefully read the letters and stuck 
their little "Invade Next" pins into the land down under.

I can only hope they had to go through many hundreds of my countrymen before 
they found a dozen who had no idea where Australia was. Though I'm sure 
that's not the case.

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