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Subject: [Leica] Help Doug--A Reality Check
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Tue Feb 6 05:26:05 2007
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I respect your misgivings but, at the same time I'm so looking forward 
to us all proving you very very wrong!!

I can't imagine that the well-off (hard-working), reasonably well off ( 
hard-working) and less well-off (also hard-working) members in this 
group will limit themselves to the price of a film and processing.

This isn't charity - it's  helping a good friend who many of us have 
never met,  but we are still no less his friends.
Giving up a half-days work for someone in our midst whom we respect and 
treasure is the least we can do, and I'm certain we would do it for 
others here too.
Doug has proved his modesty, honesty and friendship in laying his 
predicament on the  line in the only way he could - but, after all,  we 
just couldn't deny him the tools of his trade could we?
Douglas M. Sharp

Jim Shulman wrote:
> Good Morning All!
> It's wonderful to see the outpouring of generosity for Doug.  However, as 
> an
> old direct mailer let me explode a myth:
> The idea of 1100 LUG subscribers sending $10 or $20 each is a myth.  It's
> fine in a Frank Capra movie, but doesn't happen that way in real life.  And
> today's problem is not a myth, but a reality.  
> Here's the reality check: Let's begin with the same number of people (86)
> respond as sent pictures for the LUG book.  Cut that number to a third 
> (30),
> since this project isn't free and doesn't produce a coffee table book (yes,
> we loved seeing ourselves in print.)
> A roll of film with processing these days is around $20.  30 times $20 is
> $600.
> Doug was selling about $7000 worth of camera equipment for his urgent need.
> So $600 is a nice--and appreciated--gesture, but it's just that--barely a
> drop.
> Now, 30 donations of about $100 each bring in $3000.  Much closer.  More is
> even better.
> The goal is to keep Doug together with his cameras.  Doug without cameras 
> is
> unthinkable.
> Of course, any and all help is appreciated.  And many of us, in spite of 
> our
> cameras, are living on the fiscal tightrope. 
> Where are all those proverbial Leica-toting rich dentists when you need 
> 'em?
> Best,
> Jim Shulman
> Bryn Mawr, PA 
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