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Subject: [Leica] RE: LUG Digest, Vol 33, Issue 549
From: snasta at (Sanjay Nasta)
Date: Thu Jan 11 09:11:19 2007

I just struggled with the decision (whether to buy a car such as the
Honda Accord or a Porsche).  You're right.  A Honda is practical,
comfortable, safe, and reliable and will get you from point A to point B
perfectly and frankly a Honda Element  will do it heck of a lot more
practically than a Porsche--I had a Honda S2000 for 7 years (still have
it but will probably sell it).  Although there was a small bit of
wanting a car that not everyone else had, it just came down to which car
made my heart beat faster; which car made me happier.  

I'd promised myself a new car 3 years ago when I was in the hospital and
the heart surgeon told me that my right artery was blocked and my
prognosis was not good (talk about ruining lunch)--fortunately he was
wrong (that artery was not blocked).  After 18 years of running a
business I decided to treat myself.

Similarly, I bought a Leica M6 because I liked how it felt in my hands
and how it felt when I put it up to my eye (yep felt, no concrete

I think each of us has different reasons for buying the toys we do.
Heck I'm even willing to concede that there are cameras and cars that
might perform better (by some measure) than the ones I choose.  

I truly haven't figured out what "arrived" means I always feel I have
more to do and learn and frankly feeling that one has "arrived"
somewhere seems to indicate that one is done).  

Oh this is the car that I ended up buying (wife picked the color, ain't
she cool)

(picture's from the Porsche site, I haven't had time to get a decent
picture of the thing yet).  

Message: 3
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 09:56:44 +0530
From: "Jayanand Govindaraj" <>
Subject: Re: [Leica] M8 Article in LFI
To: "Leica Users Group" <>
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People buy a Rolex/Porsche etc to announce to the world that they have
arrived. Otherwise they use Timex/Toyota (or whatever). I notice that
has stepped up advertising for the M8 considerably in magazines like
GQ/Esquire/Mens Vogue, rather than photography magazines, with slick
ads. Which market do you think they are after?

On 1/11/07, mehrdad <> wrote:
> B.D. i think you are more stuck in the name and in particular this
> "leica name "   every time there is a praise of a leica something you
> go off thinking that everybody is under some sort spell and the magic
> red dot makes people say good things.
> i shoot with more camera brands and lenses than anybody i know ( i
> love gadgets), and so far i have been very pleased with the images
> from the M8. i have also been shooting with the pentax k10d and some
> the pentax prime lenses; oh boy this might be one the best. i have
> recently bought couple of sigma lenses for in the 4/3 mount and the
> results have been stunning also.
> Price is very deceiving these days, both a $20 times and $20k rolex
> tell the time and both very accurate, why do some people buy a rolex?
> the same is true about honda element (my favorite car) and a Porsche
> turbo, both take you place one costs 9 times more. i think price these
> days is more of a differentiator of class and not quality any more. by
> the way canon g7 is just awesome and in this list i talk about mostly
> about leica.
> On 1/10/07, B. D. Colen <> wrote:

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