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Subject: [Leica] WAS: WTB : Noctilux (UK) NOW: HAND HOLDING WEIGHT.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Jan 1 08:22:57 2007
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Frank Filippone offered:
Subject: RE: [Leica] WTB : Noctilux (UK)

> Whoops... maybe I did not understand you....
> I thought you meant that because of the wider angle of the lens on a 35 
> compared to a 50, you got an extra stop of no-wiggle on the
> shutter speed dial.  A 35 is easier to hold rock steady than a 50 at the 
> same shutter speed.  So effectively the 35 allows you to
> shoot in low light at lower shutter speeds than the 50.<<<<

Hi Frank,
I find the above interesting because I've always found it the complete 
opposite in regard to weight of lens. Obviously up to a weight point.

In other words it's easier to hand hold at slower speeds with the Noctilux 
because of it's mass and weight rather than the lighter weight of smaller 
lenses.  The body tends to "float" so to speak without having to exert the 
muscles with the lighter lens.

You have a greater weight in the Noctilux allowing for a steadier grip due 
to better muscle use of hands, arms and body. Well that's how it has always 
worked for me. Others? It may well be the opposite as you point out above.

But it's somewhat similar when you hand hold the 280  f2.8. ;-) By the same 
token because I hand held the 280 for 20 years using the tube type shoulder 
brace or the palm hand grip that comes with the lens,  it was possible to 
shoot at 1/15th and have successful exposures and sharpness. Again it was 
the weight-mass factor for steadiness.

This unfortunately all came to a crashing end after a bad parachute jump 
landing at age 65! ;-) Now I have to use a damn monopod which is nearly as 
bad as a tripod for mobility of lens, panning with a moving subject. Oh well 
at least I didn't die! ;-)


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