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Subject: IMG: Re: [Leica] IMG: my very first scan
From: hellman at (Jesse Hellman)
Date: Mon Dec 25 10:24:15 2006
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I just went back and readjusted in Elements the original scanned file  
(from the print). It is now a lot better. I deleted the other, so the  
comparison is fairer than before. < 

On Dec 25, 2006, at 12:59 PM, Jesse Hellman wrote:

> The second image is the third I put up. One problem is than my  
> scanner does not scan the full-frame negative, it seems. Don't know  
> how to correct that. It cut off the side of the picture on the  
> right. So then I put up on the Gallery several scans and readjusted  
> the scan each time I saw the result, then uploaded again. The  
> original print is far better than either the scanned printout or  
> the tonalities seen on the screen. I tried doing some of the things  
> suggested by others on this thread, but as of yet cannot make a  
> printout with the life and brightness of the original print. There  
> is a real learning curve here.
> Jesse
> Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>> Hi Jesse,
>> At least as viewed here on my Powerbook screen, the second image
>> (i.e. the one scanned from the negative) is far superior to the
>> original one, in terms of tonality, sharpness, and all other relevant
>> attributes.
>> Nathan
>> On 24-dec-2006, at 23:03, Jesse Hellman wrote:
>>> After living with my Epson 4490 about six months I finally got up
>>> the courage to try scanning a negative. I took one that I had
>>> printed straight and then scanned. So, it took nearly an hour to
>>> figure out why the "film" option was not available. Then I scanned
>>> the Tri-X negative at 2400 dpi in 48 bit color and cropped it in
>>> PhotoShop Elements to the original print dimensions, adjusted
>>> contrast and brightness and finally sharpened it a bit with the
>>> Unsharp Mask.
>>> I put it up next to the original scan. <http://gallery.leica-
>>>> I see that what I see on
>>> my monitor is not what you see on the LUG Gallery nor what came out
>>> of my Epson R800 printer (which, surprisingly enough, was not all
>>> that bad).
>>> I see this is a new world. The LUG is giving me the courage to
>>> expand my horizons.
>>> Merry Christmas!
>>> Jesse

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