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Subject: [Leica] Leica D-Lux 3: It Arrived... I feel overwhelmed!
From: jackmclain at (Jack McLain)
Date: Wed Nov 15 05:33:37 2006

Thanks much for your reply. It sounds like we are coming from the same
place, just that you left it 3 1/2 weeks earlier.

Yesterday's accomplishment was capturing an image, and transferring it into
the computer (and yes I used iPhoto and then moved the image to PS lite). I
also figured out the zoom.

Today will be settings for JPEG fine vs. whatever it is default set at, and
ordering some cards and a battery (great tip on the battery  14.99 vs.
49.00!). Have you tried the battery? Is it really equivalent to the Leica
branded version? 

Thanks for the offer of feeling free to communicate with you. You can count
on it.

Best regards

Jack McLain

In the desert near Maricopa, Arizona

"But It's a Dry Heat!"

On 11/14/06 7:46 PM, "Norm Aubin" <> wrote:

>> Jack,
>> Congratulations.  I received my D Lux 3 about 3 1/2 weeks ago - and it is
>> overwhelming
>> trying to learn all this digital stuff at once - after using battery free
>> cameras for 30 + years.
>> I got lucky and ordered it during the one day when B&H had any in stock -
>> 10/8.
>> Some quick things:
>> 1.  I bought the Lexar 1 gig cards (4) because I wasn't sure how big a
>> card it can address,
>> but the manual assures it can go to 4 gig, no biggie - the 1 gig cards get
>> ~43 images in RAW
>> for each card - and 200 in fine .jpg - great for snap shots.  The 133
>> speed is critical - the
>> write time with anything slower will make you crazy . . .
>> 2. I bought the GGI SD card reader from B&H as well as the cards and
>> camera - as I want
>> to be able to download the cards quicker than the camera can do it when
>> connected directly,
>> and without having to keep mucking about with the cameras little ports.
>> 3. I went to and purchased a spare battery for 14.99, vice
>> the 49.00 that B&H
>> wants for their batteries.
>> I read through the manual while the battery charged, then decided that
>> most of it was 
>> gobbledygook, and I needed to have the camera in front of me and powered
>> on to even try 
>> and get what is was all about.
>> I limited myself to doing an initial set up and left everything neutral -
>> just basic settings, then
>> each day I played with one or two interesting things that fit into the
>> world of what I'd do with
>> an M6, i.e. - focus and meter off of one place then recompose.  Mostly I
>> use it as a point and shoot,
>> but every so often I use one of the semi-pro features to see if I can work
>> with it.
>> It will never replace my M6 - but it's great for cheap snap-shooting on
>> vacations and such, and
>> it helps me get ready for the day when I can finally afford an M8 . . ..
>> Feel free to write with any questions or to share observations and ideas -
>> I like the little critter so far,
>> I'd be glad to learn more and share what I can . ..
>> Norm Aubin

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