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Subject: [Leica] Cracked tooth - options?
From: pswango at (Phil Swango)
Date: Tue Oct 31 19:39:57 2006

Rick Dykstra wrote:
A friend at work says that her dentist offered to do a root canal  on
>> her cracked molar, though she had it extracted at the time (it  was a
>> wizzy).  So the question is, is doing a root canal on a  cracked
>> molar like mine generally an option, or not?  Perhaps my  dentist is
>> a little conservative. ??

OK, I'll out myself as a dentist, although more research than clinical.  The
basic idea here is that if the crack extends into the pulp chamber or the
root canal(s), then the canals can never be sealed, and a traditional root
canal filling won't work.  If the crack is superficial or glancing and
doesn't involve the pulp chamber, a root canal might work, but you'd want to
put a crown (cap) on the tooth to keep the crack from getting worse.  Even
then there might be some risk of failure.

Without seeing the actual tooth or xray, I would venture a guess that
extraction is the only option.  Since the tooth you describe is the first
molar (3rd from the back), it's a pretty important one from the standpoint
of chewing, etc.  If it were me I'd go for a replacement either by bridge or
implant.  Either one will cost you a bundle, so if you were planning on
ordering that M8, think again ;-).  I have several implants myself and they
are quite a good solution.  But they are expensive, at least in the USA

And Walt, put down that tube of Superglue because it won't work ;-).

Phil Swango
307 Aliso Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

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