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Subject: [Leica] Tomb Sweet Tomb
From: leicachris at (Christopher Williams)
Date: Tue Oct 31 19:09:28 2006

The day after Halloween is All Saints Day, which in New Orleans is a big 
event as family members clean and paint their relatives graves. I'll miss 
this one, but I'll be there for next year. From my understanding, All Saints 
Day was created to supercede the Pagan holiday Halloween, and since it did 
not stop the Pagan sinners from celebrating, another day - All Souls Day was 
also created. Guess 2 holy days beats out 1 sinner day. If it was not for 
some sinning Catholic Virginians and the immigrating Irish, Halloween in 
America might not have lasted.

All 4 images are from St. Louis #1 Cemetery, located just outside the French 
Quarter and across form the Iberville projects. In other words, travel with 
some company or a firearm as there is only one way in and one way out.This 
cemetery used to take up 4 blocks and now is contained in 1 block. No, of 
course we did not remove the tombs, we just build stuff over them. There are 
some Civil War generals here, a Voodoo Queen, Revolutionary soldiers, and 
one rich but died penniless creator of the game "craps".

All images w/M6 TTL .58, 50/f2 Summicron, Kodak BW400

Chris Williams

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