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Subject: [Leica] Epson R-D1 vs. M8?
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Sun Oct 29 13:23:39 2006
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The R-D1 declined in price this summer and landed somewhere around $2k, used 
ones for less - which btw. is still a proud price considering the massive 
quality control issues that have been reported here and at other places, 
including my Epson which was completely disaligned, still has a tilted 
sensor (0.6?, no joke!!) and slightly tilted framelines. 

The short baselength of the Epson/Bessa body is another big minus point, 
too, as well as the lowest ISO setting @ 200 only - making wide open shots 
very often impossible. The R-D1's frame lines are much too tight inside the 
effective field of view (85%), making exact framing a hit & miss thing. The 
R-D1's handling does not compare to my M6 which is smaller and "feels" much 
better. But anyway I like using the Epson as it's a digital RF camera, the 
first to be more precise.

Havent't handled the M8 so far, but I guess QC is way better. Crop factor is 
a bit less biting though I'm getting used to it. Baselength is significantly 
better, but lowest ISO is deceiving with 160 only. Damn, Leica is famous for 
it's fast lenses and then they offer a new camera which forces you to run 
into candlelighted basement rooms if you want to shoot your expensive f1.4 
glasses wide open! Or it forces you to use NF filters which is silly.

I'll shoot with the Epson for let's say the next year or so. But if I spend 
much money for a new camera, DSLR's will be evaluated as well. 


>I thought the RD-1 was $3000, which would make the M8 only $1795 more, 
>seems a reasonalbe increase for a far superior camera.

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