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Subject: [Leica] Some questions and thoughts about the M8
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Sun Oct 29 04:11:23 2006

Hi all,
I've followed with interest all your comments about, first at all I should
say that I've never used digital, and that I'm not very attracted for it,
nevertheless the M concept transported to digital could be at least an
interesting experience. 
The first thought I want to explain is that I think that format 4x3 could be
perfect for the new users, on my case I've choose my assortment of lenses
thinking on the use of every one, I would prefer work with the full format.
Frequently I've choose my lenses attending the compactness over the quality,
i.e. Summilux 35 vs. the ASPH, it is some difficult for me think that my
50's will be 65's etc..., and to have a 35 I should buy the pretty new 28mm
ASPH, but it is 2,8!, maybe with digital we should think more on the ASA
capabilities of the digital?...., maybe; as Jeffery says I've started on
photography with Panatomic and other slow films, on these years when you
shot with a 27 DIN ---> 400 ASA it was something extreme, actually for me I
still have this mentality, I very, very rarely  rate a film more than 400
Yesterday I was commenting an e-mail from Alastair telling him that I love
too very much the quality on B&W of Plus X or APX100 with Summilux 35, IMHO
you can't obtain the same quality on digital. You probably will obtain a
very good, even excellent quality, but without the same "touch".
I have two questions about the M8's viewfinder, it is improved as it was on
the MP and M7 avoiding the flare?, which leeds information is on the
viewfinder? I've never liked the viewfinders with a lot of leds.
Thanks for your comments
Saludos desde Barcelona

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