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Subject: [Leica] Re: iBook, PowerBook, MacBook
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Mon Sep 18 16:31:23 2006
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2006-09-18-18:21:53 Robert D. Baron:
> And if anyone has another opinion about which Mac to buy - since it 
> appears there is zero competition for the 2.65x3.5inch mini iPhoto books 
> - don't hesitate to pile on.

One consideration is that if you're a heavy Photoshop user, the new
Intel-based Macs might be a mite suboptimal for however many months pass
until the release of CS3 (or whatever the next version is to be called).
Current Photoshop for the Mac isn't Intel-native.  Reports vary with
respect to how CS2 performs in the MacOS's built-in emulation layer.
Some have said it's flaky, others report it works fine but is just slow
-- in many cases slower than if you'd bought an earlier,
less-intrinsically-fast G4 laptop on which it'd run natively.  If you
don't live and die by Photoshop, this doesn't matter.  If you're willing
to put up with 6-12 months' Photoshop annoyance to have a machine which
will be faster at other things and eventually be faster at Photoshop,
that's a valid choice as well.

> Or for that matter if anyone has an opinion about my sanity in even 
> considering buying a whole new computer, not to mention buying into a 
> whole new operating system, just to make some $9.95 mini photo albums.....

I actually think that part is a no-brainer.  Macs tend to Just Work, to
an extent I've never found with Windows boxes.  I suggest that your only
important choice is which Mac to buy.

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