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Subject: [Leica] Make your own camera LCD viewer!
From: mvolo at (Michael Volow)
Date: Mon Sep 18 07:02:19 2006

Everyone knows how hard it is to check your results in a digital camera's
LCD screen in bright sunlight.  Yes, I know that there are gadgets that one
can buy to attach to certain cameras to make this is somewhat easier, but
here is another simple solution.

Find an old slide viewer, preferably one that views single slides in
existing light and not a battery/bulb.  Camera store junk boxes are good
sources.  With a hacksaw, cut off the end of the viewer at exactly the same
plane as the film of the slide would be.  When you want to look at your LCD
in bright sunlight, just put the cut end of this viewer against the LCD and,
presto!  You have both a perfect shade from the sunlight, plus the magnifier
that was originally in the slide viewer! you can see a magnified image of
the LCD.  If you want you can even add a little Velcro to hold it there. I
have even used this in sunlight with digital  cameras that had no optical
view, finder whatsoever, just an LCD.

Happy puttering.

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