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Subject: [Leica] the Middle Ages...
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sun Sep 17 06:25:02 2006

Once a year, the sleepy suburban village of Hoeilaart comes to life.
In the 70's it was renowned for the production of exquisit grapes  
(for consumption, not for wine making), but that ended due to strong  
competition from the South of Europe. We got too expensive...
But since those days, the village has a tradition: The Festivities of  
the Grapes. Every year another theme (this year the Middle Ages)  
which by some is interpreted literally, and by others liberally.  
Every year schools, scouts, and about any other club participate,  
every year there's a fair, and every year a procession.

Some snapshots of the latter yesterday evening:

I hope you enjoy them, even if some are 'technically' not OK.
(Ricoh GRD, 400 ISO, BW mode, minor work in PS CS2 without touching  
noise etc: it's pretty much what came out of camera in jpeg high  
quality mode)

Thanks for looking, and comments welcomed,

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