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Subject: [Leica] Why I need a M8?
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Fri Sep 15 15:28:02 2006

Hoppy, I understand Don, thanks for your opinion, but I would add another
idea to our friendly discussion.

More and more the digital world is in progress, the prices for some lovely ,
more or less dream cameras and lenses are going down and it's more easy to
acquire. Of course every one of us has his own choice, on my case I'm very
happy buying old dreamed stuff.

Saludos cordiales,

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Don, your argument is accurate and genuine.
However, it makes film and fine film cameras no less viable. I would note
the reality of toting film through airport security as a
genuine issue there though.
Of course, commercially the market agrees with you. The battle is long over.
Film use is an enthusiast choice and one that's
probably far better appreciated by LUG folk than many others.
I just hope that we may continue to obtain enough film choices. Still I saw
4x5, 120,110(!) and APS on my dealer's shelves
Luis has just illustrated just how much of that film he could acquire for
the cost of a new digital and lens.
I'm with you, Luis, swimming hard upstream and going more retro each week. I
just have developed my first film from my M3 and it was
a wonderful experience just to use that classic and appreciate the tool as
well as the output. Working on a Rollei!

I wish Solms every success with the M8. All of the initial impressions
suggest that they have done it just right for M folks,


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The benefit is that an additional shot is essentially free.  The benefit is
that you have the ultra fine grane slow film right next to the very fast
reportage film.  With one camera you can go out into the rural past of Spain
and take a remarkable landscape then drop in a small establishment to
satisfy your thirst or take your daily glass or red wine and record the
remarkable guest sitting next to you in the extrememly dark interior.  The
benefit is that now you have a 300 exposure roll of film with you when the
grandchildren stop by.  The benefit is that you can switch from a low
contrast portrait film to a high contrast saturated film with a few buttons
or later in the computer if you shoot RAW.  The benefit is that you shot two
frames of the space aliens landing you can get the images without feeling
guilty for wasting a roll of 36 exposure film  :)

And if you travel you don't have to lug forty or fifty rolls of film with
you through airport security.


On 9/15/06, Luis Ripoll <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm very happy with the Leicas I have, a IIIF, M3, M6, M6TTL, and MP.
> Which additional advantage could be for me an M8?
> My figures
> 4195 Euros divided by approximately 4 Euro per roll film (B&W)  = 1050
> Rolls
> of film. I shot about 120 films per year = 8/10 Years
> If you add the new Tri Elmar, 7695 Euros = 1924 Films = 16 Years
> I'm 62....
> Saludos from Barcelona,
> always happy with my old Leicas & Rolleiflex TLR
> Luis
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