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Subject: [Leica] Re:Skin tone - film vs. digital (not a debate)
From: leicachris at (Christopher Williams)
Date: Sat Sep 2 21:15:59 2006
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No digital can do NPH. Nada. Fuji S3 comes close. It's a shame Fuji is the
only one that tries to imitate film colors. Kind of like camera companies
should be the only one making cameras.

I just set the camera at sRGB.

You can set a Custom WB with the SB800, but yes I've read where using a
speedlight + studio lights can cause off color WB. Try also using the Kelvin
Temp on the D200. 5600 is supposed to be flash.

White folks are all sorts of color, that's what you get when you try world
domination a few thousand times or inbreeding among royalty/trailer parks.

Try shooting a creole wedding, no one has the same skin color.

And always have a good printer, either human or mechanical.


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From: "Scott McLoughlin"
Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:Skin tone - film vs. digital (not a debate)

> Chris,
> Thanks for going through all the variables I should consider.
> I've taken one vivid shot, of a rusty lamp on a boat. Dunno
> why, but that captured the greenish patina where my normal
> mode didn't.
> I have the camera setup for Adobe RGB. That should be ok,
> right?  I don't recalibrate every week, but I also use a Trinitron
> CRT that I'll calibrate every month or two.
> Perhaps it is a WB problem.
> First, generally, I'm a low contrast NPH (now 400H) kind
> of guy.  And in the next few days I'll dip into my new
> stash of Sensia.  NPH is more or less made for people
> pics - popular wedding film, etc.  I wonder if I'm just not
> going to get that kind of look out of my DSLR "in camera."
> Second, while I carry around a white card, I don't use it
> nearly as much as I should (like having dental floss....) I
> have to have better habits here. I have little excuse, because
> I'm rarely a quick shooting kind of shooter.
> Third, now that I think of it, I use my DSLR with flash quite
> a bit - either an SB800 or especially a pair of Alien Bees 800's.
> This might present a particular kind of WB problem.
> But, I'm going to tweak the in camera settings a bit until
> something good happens or I get bored :-)
> So, now a question - how to get a good custom WB when
> using artificial lighting, either with on camera flash (or a flash
> bracket) or with studio strobes?
> And a comment. My brother adopted a little black girl, and
> her skin tones come out just fine. It seems I have a white
> people skin problem.
> Again, thanks.
> Scott

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