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Subject: [Leica] Am I wasting my time/money?
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sat Sep 2 18:58:54 2006
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Sure, that's a fine decision. 

But your test film shot, IMHO, was 100% operator error.  I'll
speculate that your technique was equally sloppy with the Sony,
but the enhanced DOF made it come out looking sharp - but
maybe not. Doesn't really matter.

Taking a brutally sharp picture of a railing or whatever it was
isn't hard to do - with any camera.  We're talking point, focus,
shoot here - nothing fancy. 

Scanning a sharp neg on a home film scanner so that the
resulting scan looks sharp - we're talking Web JPEG's in your
test, after all - is equally easy to accomplish.

All the other advice I've read on this thread - using a tripod,
mirror lock, stopping way down, using a drum scanner -
are all cool, but overkill for the simple test result you displayed.

Again, a fine decision.  But those two *particular* photo's I saw
were the basis for no *rational* decision, *should* one be
concerned at all with making such a "film vs. digital" decision.
(I, for one, am not).

Enjoy shooting digital.

Just my 2 cents.


Jayanand Govindaraj wrote:

> George,
> In that case the Leica set up is hardly worth it - my take is that the 
> ease/quality of digital today means that there is no reason, if you so 
> wish, to shoot colour film in the 35mm equivalent format. Black and 
> white may be a reason to stick with film, as would medium/large 
> format, panoramics (6x12,6x17), and other such niche exotica. I, 
> personally, have made up my mind that I will probably never buy a 35mm 
> film camera again.
> Cheers
> Jayanand Govindaraj
> Chennai, India
> Lottermoser George wrote:
>> For starters - If you shot Kodachrome 25 with the 100/apo elmarit -  
>> the only way to compare the two original images digitally would be 
>> if  you had the chrome drum scanned by a professional with his/her  
>> equipment fully tuned up.
>> Regards,
>> George Lottermoser
>> On Sep 1, 2006, at 3:04 PM, Aram Langhans wrote:
>>> So, did I waste $400 that I should have spent on a good digital  
>>> SLR, perhaps even a DMR?  Are we all wasting our time with film?
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