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Subject: [Leica] Re:Photos of M8
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Fri Aug 25 22:16:20 2006

> I'm trying to figure out:
> 1) where does the battery go?? I don't see a place in its form-factor
> for a battery big enough to be useful and this camera will have to
> have a decent sized battery.

Supposedly the battery and SD card are inserted in to the bottom of  
the camera.
I'm not sure if the base plate comes off, but if you are looking at  
the back of the camera,
you can see a small button or latch on the left side of the baseplate.

You can see some sort of square flap or door below and to the left of  
the eyepiece. I'm
going to take a wild guess and say that it's a cover for the I/O  
ports (USB or Firewire).

> 2) there doesn't look to be enough room forward of the back LCD
> display. The camera MUST conform to the focusing requirements of
> current M lenses. So I'd expect the camera to be thicker about about
> the same amount as the DMR's back with its display and controls. But
> looking at the top the shutter speed dial appears to take the same
> room as it does on the M6/7.

Rumor has it that the M8 is 3mm thicker than a analog M body and the  
R8/R9 style shutter is 'thinner',
than the traditional cloth shutter.

Maybe it's just me, but the top plate looks a little taller than  

> 3) Where does the flash sync plug in? I don't see that either.

They probably did away with it and you'll have to use the hotshoe.

> So I'm more than casually skeptical. I have to think that the camera
> would be thicker than the current M7 and talled because it needs
> electrical power on the tune of say the motor drive for the M6/7.
> The photo is sooooo crappy that I have to believe it's someone's
> photoshop project.
> But I'm hardly an expert on things like this.
> Adam

I saw the 'uncropped' version of these pictures and they came from a  
PDF format product
sheet. The Product sheet also mentioned a 2.8/28mm ASPH  and Tri- 
Elmar f4/16-18(?)-21mm.
I wouldn't be surprised if these aren't real photos, but computer  
generated renderings, which is
pretty standard stuff these days for product design.



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