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Subject: [Leica] Hand Baggage - Three Questions
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Aug 11 10:52:32 2006
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Jayanand Govindaraj offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Hand Baggage - Three Questions

> David,
> I have only checked in  locked cases in travels around Asia & Europe in 
> the recent past, including a trip to France and UK last month.>

Jayanand mon ami,
If you should fly to the USA you may lock your bags, your prerogative.

However, do not be the least bit surprised nor complain when you arrive and 
pick up your luggage and all your cases have been "cut open!" Whether you 
like it or not!

And no you wont have any claim for damage without letters from a lawyer and 
filling out all kinds of paper work. Which if you do, can take months before 
you receive an unsatisfactory answer!

On which it will very pointedly explain the rules and regulations about 
leaving your baggage unlocked for examination.

You of course are most welcome not to fly to this part of the world if you 
do not like leaving your valuables unlocked to be poked through by security 

Unfortunately that was the sign of the times a few days ago. TODAY? Man it's 
gone mega high tough ass! Best to wear a pair of shorts, a tee shirt, no 
hand luggage and live with buying stuff at the other end.

However I still prefer the security than being blown out of the sky without 
a parachute at 30,000 feet!


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