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Subject: [Leica] And to add to your day! :-)
From: michael.francis at (Francis, Michael)
Date: Wed Jul 19 11:16:45 2006

Yes I worked with light box and 50mm lens with extension tube, remote
release and the camera was on a tripod - I didn't use a slide holder as
it allowed me to selectively crop an image if required and changing the
slides is very fast. When I get around to doing more of this I'll get a
copy stand to ensure the camera is flat to the slide, but this was cheap
and easy to try out as I had everything on hand. The quality probably
wasn't quite as good as the scans I get from my film scanner (and only
8Mpix rather than 16+) but it was very close and takes 1/60th second for
the exposure rather than 4mins ... 


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Thanks Mike.  Maybe I'll give this a try.  Was your setup a typical
slide copy set up:  light box, slide holder on a double bellows and
macro or reversed 50 on the camera?

>Yes I tried this with my 20D and the results were surprisingly good - 
>even better, you get the controls from Adobe RAW for processing the 
>images, which probably gives you more control than a dedicated scanner 
>(you can even take two different exposures and compose them in 
>Photoshop if required.) The best bit is the speed that you can copy 
>slides by this method. It is well worth experimenting ...
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>Ted -
>>Today? Hey modern science to the rescue and swiftly. Sun was shining, 
>>so out the door, set print into deck chair, digital 20D and Leica 60 
>>macro lens in hand, stopped down to f8.0, focus and be there.... 
>>click  KISS and it was done! :-)
>I've often though this would be a good way to make digital slide 
>copies, too, analogous to making them on film.  You'd get lower 
>resolution with most cameras and less exposure control than with a good

>slide scanner but it would be an awful lot faster and might be more
than good enough.
>Has any one tried to copy slides this way and were you satisfied with 
>the results?
>>Yesterday a video crew were at my home shooting a final test segment 
>>for a TV programme on BRAVOTV. Yep about the old guy himself. Neat eh?
>>;-) The producers were confident this was an excellent test segment 
>>the real time taping will probably be done in the next 6 weeks. :-)
>Hope this Bravo is the same as the Bravo channel here.  You'd be an 
>interesting interviewee for sure.  You must let us know when it's 
>expected to be broadcast.
>>Dang it's been a great couple of days! :-)
>... and may you have many more.
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